Mohawk Marching Band Celebration

Monday Nov. 23, 6:30 pm
Madison Jr.-Sr. High Commons

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Madison Marching Band and Color Guard participants and families are invited to celebrate their successful 2015 season. This year we will be serving dessert and drinks rather than a full meal.

We are asking for contributions towards the festivities as follows:

  • If your parents already contributed towards the sheet cake, you are not expected to bring another donation.
  • Guard Members are asked to bring Hawaiian Punch.
  • Juniors and Seniors are asked to bring a case of bottled water.
  • Freshmen and Sophomores are asked to bring one of the following: plastic plates, plastic forks, or 12 ounce plastic cups.

Jazz and Steel Band Schedules!

*Edited 11/12/15 8:25am*

It’s that time of year!

Jazz Band and Steel Band will be in full swing soon enough. Here are the the meeting times for each ensemble.

Jazz Band as already started meeting as of yesterday and will continue throughout the course of the rest of the school year. We are planning to perform a song on the Winter Concert! So it is imperative that students make a conscious effort to attend rehearsals over the coming weeks.

Jazz Band
Tuesdays 3:00-4:15

Due to scheduling and facilities conflicts with the fall production, steel band will forego meeting until after the high school play to allow students the ability to participate in all activities. Steel band rehearsals will begin the week of November 30th upon return from Thanksgiving break.

Freshman Steel Band
Wednesdays 3:00-3:45

Sophomore Steel Band
Wednesdays 3:45-4:30

Junior Steel Band
Thursdays 3:00-3:45

Senior Steel Band
Thursdays 3:45-4:30

Twisted Shakespeare rehearsal schedule

The rehearsal for Twisted Shakespeare for Thursday 10/22 has been canceled. Sorry for the craziness this week, but it gave you more time to learn your lines and, oh I don’t know, maybe catch up on school work! We’re back at it Monday-Thursday next week, but not always 3-5 as we’ve done in the past. Check out the full schedule (the same one handed out last week) here:

We need your help!

If you have attended any marching band events this summer/fall, have seen the group out and about, or for some other reason have possibly snapped photos of the group, WE NEED YOUR HELP!!

We would love to document as much as we can. If you have been able to capture any great shots, please forward these files to Mr. West at or Mr. Brown at

EVEN BETTER!! Join our public Facebook group, “Madison Arts,” and post all of your photos and other multimedia publicly for all of us to see!

Thank you in advance for your helps!

“Twisted Shakespeare” Rehearsal Schedule

Click here for the rehearsal and tech schedule for the high school’s fall production, “Twisted Shakespeare”, for the months of September and October.

With a few exceptions noted on the calendar, the rehearsals follow the following pattern:

  • Mondays 3:00 – 4:30: Postcards from Shakespeare
  • Tuesdays 3:00 – 5:00: I Hate Shakespeare
  • Wednesday 3:00 – 5:00: Postcards from Shakespeare
  • Thursday 3:00 – 5:00: I Hate Shakespeare

Important details:

  • There are some exceptions to the pattern – read the calendar.
  • If you are unable to make a rehearsal, tell Mr. Brown or Ms. Kernan personally. Do not send word through another student, and do not wait until the afternoon of the rehearsal to tell us.
  • We will be figuring out casting as a group during the first week or two of rehearsals, so it is very important for you to be at those rehearsals to speak up for which parts you want!
  • As of now, we plan to go to evening rehearsals in November.
  • Crews (Lights, Sound, Costumes, Props, Painting, Stage, etc.) generally work from 6-9 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There may be certain days when not all crew members will be needed; these will be announced. For the first week at least (Sept. 15 & 17), all crew members are needed to help clean and straighten the theater and backstage areas.

Fall Play cast announcement

Please click here for important information about the 2015 Fall Show, including a preliminary cast list and important information for the cast.

  • First rehearsal: Thursday Sept. 10, 3-5 in the Media Center. All cast should attend.
  • Tech training for High School Backstage, Costume, Prop, Painting and Sound crews: Tuesday Sept. 8, 6-8 pm
  • Tech training for High School Light crew: Thursday Sept. 10, 6-8 pm

All crew members must attend training. If you cannot attend the appropriate date above, please contact Mr. Brown.

Log in to Charms for band, choir and drama information

No, we’re not closing the website or social media pages, but we’ve added a new way for you to get lots more information about Madison’s arts programs. The Madison Music Boosters have subscribed to an online information service called Charms Office. The band has already used it for sending out emails to students and parents, as well as recording all financial transactions for band fees and fundraising activities.

When you log into Charms Office on the web or with the free smartphone app for iPhone or Android, you can view and correct contact information, see a calendar of events for your arts group, and look up how much your student has raised in fundraising activities, as well as how much is owed for fees and purchases. There are many more features available which we plan to add as we continue to use the program.

For information about logging in and using Charms, click here to download the Charms instructions. You will also need your student’s Charms ID number (which is different from their school ID number). If you or your student have not received a printout with this number, you can email Mr. Brown and ask for it. Please be sure to include the name of the student you are asking about. You can also ask Mr. Brown for the number at any band rehearsal or activity.

New York City Band Trip: April 6-10, 2016

If you missed the meeting about the Band’s trip to NYC in April, here’s the slide show that Mark Ferrel from Music Travel brought to show us. It includes information about the itinerary and payment plan. Below the slide show is a link to the handout with all the details, as well as the Trip Number that you will need to register online. Both the slide show and the handout have the full schedule, cost information, and instructions for registering and paying for your trip online in monthly installments.

Other things you need to know:

  • To download the information handout, click here.
  • Our trip number is 1604-8-32
  • This trip does not happen over spring break. Students will be in school for three days after we return for spring break, then we leave on Wednesday evening. Students will have excused absences from school on Thursday and Friday (April 7 & 8), but will be required to make up work missed on those days.

If you have questions, please contact Mr. West ( or Mr. Brown (

2015-2016 Drumline Audition Results

Thank you everyone who attended the drumline clinic last week and made time for the audition process as well.  This year, the preparation was more evident than ever with very prepared auditions from all individuals.  It’s definitely going to be an exciting year for the Marching Mohawks!

Congratulations to this year’s Mohawk Drumline…


Allison Byrd
Mo Cornett
Ethan Owens
Kelsi Tidwell
Sarah Wolfe


Danny Sturgis
Eric Trent


1 – Tucker Wood
2 – Trevor Payne
3 – Kayla Ligget
4 – Luke Helton
5 – Josh Retherford

Every student auditioned extremely well, making for a very difficult decision.  Every student, regardless of placement, holds a very important part in the ensemble.  I am particularly excited about the level of leadership in all areas of the percussion sections this year, on the field and in the front ensemble, veterans and rookies.

2015-2016 will be a very strong year with this strong group of musicians, leaders, and students!