Band Itinerary – September 19th and 20th

Friday, September 19th

Madison @ Preble

Meet/Rehearse/Dress: 4:30PM

Load: 5:30PM

Depart: 6:00PM

Game: 7:00PM

Half-time: 8:00ish

  • We will be wearing FULL UNIFORM!
  • Uniform reminders listed on the other side!
  • We will be performing Superman, Batman, and Spider Man during halftime.



Saturday, September 20th

STEEL BAND @ Heart Walk at Atrium Medical Center

Meet/Load: 8:30AM

Arrive: 9:00AM

Perform: 10:00AM

Return: 11:30AM-12:00PM

  • Attention Steel Band members form last year.   We have been asked to perform at a very big event at the Atrium Hospital.
  • There are no Marching Band Events planned during this weekend.
  • We will be wearing Steel Band Shirts and Khaki Shorts
  • Marching Band Uniform Guidelines
  • Each band member MUST wear calf-level BLACK socks with their uniforms!   *WHITE SOCKS and LOW CUT SOCKS ARE OUTLAWED! There is a definite reason for this as we try to avoid any flashes of color around our ankles when we march.
  • What to wear under the uniform! In warmer weather a pair of shorts and a band/mohawk t-shirt are appropriate. You will not be permitted to take your jacket off without the appropriate shirt underneath.
  • In cooler weather form fitting pants and tops. Under Armour-type clothing is suggested! Under Armor is expensive so I would suggest Walmart or Target for an off brand!

* Guard – See Miss Brannon for your guidelines

Tech Crew Training

stage lightsThere will be training sessions for anyone interested in running theater lights or sound for any of this year’s theater productions. There are openings for anyone in grades 7-12 who is interested. No experience is necessary. Past tech crew members must also attend training to learn safety rules and help teach new techs.

There will be three training sessions, but you only need to attend one of them:

  • Thursday Sept. 11: Light training at 2:45, and Sound training at 3:45
  • Tuesday Sept. 16:  2:45 – Light training at 2:45, and Sound training at 3:45
  • Saturday Sept. 20: Light training at 1:00, and Sound training at 2:00

Backstage crew training will be announced at a later date. See Mr. Brown in room 206 if you have any questions.

Mohawk Band schedule, Sept. 12 & 13

Friday Sept. 12: Madison vs. Valley View

  • 4:30 pm – Meet/Rehearse/Dress
  • 5:00 pm: Load
  • 5:30 pm: Depart
  • 7:00 pm: Game
  • 8:00ish: Halftime

We will be wearing full uniforms for the first time. Important uniform reminders:

  • Band members must wear calf-level black socks. White socks and low cut socks are outlawed!
  • Under the uniform: In warmer weather, a pair of shorts and a Band or Mohawk t-shirt are appropriate. You will not be permitted to take off your jacket with an appropriate shirt underneath. In cooler weather, form fitting pants and tops. Under Armour-type clothing is suggested (but save some money and get an off brand from Target or Walmart).
  • Do not wear bulky clothing that will be peeking out of your uniform! NO JEANS!
  • Guard – see Miss Brannon for guidelines.

Saturday Sept. 13: Rehearsal & Bon Fire

  • 2:00 – 8:00: Rehearsal
  • 9:00 – 11:00: Bonfire
  • Eat a good meal before you come to rehearsal. We will have water breaks and a snack.
  • This is the most important rehearsal of the year! We will be putting the finishing touches on the show before our first contest!
  • The bonfire will be at Dylan Hoskins’ house: 8286 Myers Road, Middletown, OH 45042 (click the address for Google map directions).
  • Each section is responsible for bringing an item to the bonfire:
    • Flutes/Clarinets – chips and munchies
    • Saxes/Horns – 2 liters of pop
    • Trumpets – paper plate & napkins
    • Low Winds – chips and munchoes
    • Percussion – 2 liters of pop
    • Guard – desserts

Madison Choir Performance dates, 2014-15

National Anthem at Football Game
Friday, September 26th – 7:00pm

Fall Choir Concert
Tuesday, October 14th – 7:00pm

Winter Choir Concert
Tuesday, December 9th – 7:00pm

Band and Choir Lock-in
Late February, Date TBA

Pre-Contest Concert
Tuesday, March 3rd – 7:00pm

OMEA Contest
TBA: March 6th or 7th

Spring Choir Concert
Thursday, May 7th – 7:00pm

Friday, May 22nd

Marching Band Pay to Play

Those who participate in marching band are required to pay the $50.00 “Pay To Participate” fee to the school. This is NOT paid to the Boosters and should be paid via the front office in the High School. There is a $100 cap per student so if you are involved in multiple activities this might help.

Again this is NOT collected by the Boosters OR Mr. Lenney and is due before the first home game THIS Friday, September 5th

Getting Band texts – updated instructions

If you’re already signed up for texts from the Mohawk Band via the Remind service (formerly called Remind 101), you’re all set for the coming fall marching season. But if you’re getting these messages from the Madison website, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or emails, here are two good reasons to also sign up for the Remind texts:

  • day-before reminds of rehearsals and performances, and
  • ETA texts when the band is returning from away games and performances

Also this year, we’re going to experiment with an extra feature: when the band departs from an away game or performance, you’ll get a text telling our estimated time of arrival at school, along with a link to an online map the will let you follow the progress of the band bus all the way back to Madison. We’ll try it out this Friday on the way back from the Talawanda game; let Mr. Brown know how it works for you!

To sign up for the Band’s Remind texts (also available via email):

  • click here to fill out the sign-up form; or
  • send a text to (408) 458-8033 with the message @mohawkband

Guard members & parents should also sign up for extra Reminders:

  • click here to fill out the sign-up form; or
  • send a text to (408) 458-8033 with the message @mohawkflag

If you have any problems signing up, please email Mr. Brown.

Watch for the new band trailer around Madison and beyond!

Thanks to everyone who made the newly decorated Mohawk Band trailer a reality, including superintendent Curtis Philpot, Madison Locals Schools, Bobby Reed, the Madison Music Boosters, Digital Visuals, and the businesses and organizations who helped the makeover become a reality:

Be sure to thank these community businesses for supporting the Mohawk Band!