Elementary cast for Barnum

We had an overwhelming turnout at our auditions for elementary students wanting to participate in our spring musical, “Barnum”! We had over 35 students come to the audition – that’s more than we have in our high school cast. If we put everyone in the show, actors would literally be falling off the stage. We wish we could cast everyone, but unfortunately we just don’t have that much space in our theater.

Everyone who auditioned did a fantastic job! This makes it even harder to choose who to put in the show. While we were thinking of casting about 10 younger students, we can’t possibly choose so few out of the many great performers who came on Friday, based on their auditions alone. So here is what we will do:

  • All of the 5th and 6th graders who auditioned on Friday are invited to be in the show.
  • If there are any younger students who came to the auditions and who are siblings to 7-12 grade members of the cast, please contact Mr. Brown (joel.brown@madisonmohawks.org) and we will also find roles for them in the show.
  • Due to the extremely short time left until the show, as well as limits we must place on the cast size, we will not be having make-up auditions for anyone unable to attend Friday’s auditions.

Any parents who were not able to attend the auditions on Friday can download the parent information packet here: Barnum elementary audition packet Please fill out the form on the back page of the packet, and bring it with you to the first rehearsal.

The rehearse schedule for March will be posted on Saturday on MadisonArts.org.

We were extremely excited to see so much talent and enthusiasm for theater from our young students. This is a sign of great shows to come in the future! If we weren’t able to fit you into this show, please remember that there will be many future shows in which you will all shine!

Elementary auditions for the Spring Musical

PrintMadison students in grades 2-6 are invited to audition for this year’s musical, Barnum! Due to the recent weather, the audition date was changed to this Friday, Feb. 27 from 3:35 – 4:45 in the Jr.-Sr. High Choir Room.

Students will learn a short piece of a song and sing it as a group. They will also learn some clown acting!

This show is all about the circus, so we’re going to have a lot of fun! If your young actor is interested but can’t come to the audition on Friday, please contact Joel Brown at joel.brown@madisonmohawks.org.

Revised Barnum rehearsal schedule: Feb. 23-28

Everyone is scrambling to reschedule things after last week’s Snowmageddon! Here’s the plan this week for Barnum rehearsals:

  • Monday 2/23, 2:45 – 4:30: Choreography/vocals, all cast (1/2 hour shorter than planned, to give band members a break before starting Basketball Band at 5:00).
  • Tuesday 2/24, 2:45 – 5:00: All cast, Act. 1 – bring scripts and pencils. (This is a new addition to the schedule.)
  • Tuesday 2/24, 6:00 – 9:00: Crews
  • Wednesday 2/25, 2:45 – 5:00: ALL CAST come for at least an hour (maybe more) during this time for COSTUME FITTINGS.
  • Wednesday 2/25, 2:45 – 5:00: Act 1, selected cast (Ben, Hannah, Wally, Morgan, Linzie, Jarrett, Kaitlin, (First Woman, Second Woman), Layla, Dylan R., Grace), off book, as scheduled. Bring scripts and pencils
  • Wednesday 2/25, 6:30 pm: Talent show rehearsal, including crew.
  • Thursday 2/26, 2:45 – 3:00: Thespian meeting in the theater, all cast and crew invited. 3:00 – 5:00: Choreography & vocals, all cast. Popcorn orders will be handed out.
  • Thursday 2/26, 6:30: Talent Show, including crew.
  • Friday 2/27, 2:45 – 5:00: Act II, selected actors (Wally, Morgan, Ben, Dakota, Grace, Dylan R., Hannah, Zach, Connor), off book, as scheduled. Bring scripts and pencils.
  • Friday 2/27, 3:30 – 4:45: Elementary auditions for Barnum.
  • Saturday 2/28, 2:00 – 5:00: All cast and stage crew, full rehearsal (no circus training). Bring scripts and pencils.

Thespian Officer Meeting

There will be a Thespian Troupe #4592 Officer meeting on Friday, February 6th at 2:45 p.m. in Miss Brannon’s room. All troupe officers are required to attend. We will be discussing activities in the Spring. See Miss Brannon or Mrs. Robertson if you cannot attend.

Barnum activity fee due this Friday

The pay-to-participate fee for Barnum is $50, as for all extracurricular  for all extracurricular activities, and is due this Friday. This applies to crew as well as the cast.

There is a maximum of $100 per student per year, and $200 max per family per year. If you can’t pay by Friday, please contact the Jr.-Sr. High office.

Checks should be made out to Madison Local Schools and turned in to the main office, rather than to the directors.

Barnum: Company Meeting and January Schedule

There will be an all-company meeting for the cast and crews of Barnum on Thursday, Jan. 8 from 2:45 – 3:30 in the theater. At that time, we will:

  • Hand out schedules for January (click here to download the schedules now)
  • Sign up anyone interested working on the tech, painting or stage crews
  • Discuss circus training and other unusual plans for this show!

If anyone would like to watch the video of the show, we screen it from 3:30 – 5:00 in the theater. Staying for the video is optional.

Barnum Cast List

Barnum Cast List
First all-company meeting: Wednesday Jan. 7, 2:35 – 3:30 (movie to follow)
Show dates: March 20 – 22, 2015

P. T. Barnum: Ben Morgan
Chairy Barnum: Hannah Van Winkle
Joice Heth: Linzie Glaize
Jenny Lind: Grace Morgan
General Tom Thumb: Dylan Hoskins
James Bailey: Dylan Roll
Blues Singer: still to be cast
Mrs. Scudder: Kaitlyn Thompson
Chester Lyman: Jarrett Brown
Julius Goldschmidt: Daniel Nordheim
Edgar Templeton: Conner Hamrick
Humbart Morrisey: Zach Hisle
Mr. Stratton: Jarrett Brown
Mrs. Stratton: Layla Miller
Wilton: Dakota Carter
Ringmasters: Morgan Cornett, Wally Stogner

Tumblers, Jugglers, Clowns, Aerialists, Acrobats, Gymnasts, Bricklayers, Passersby, Museum Patrons, Strongmen, Stiltwalkers, a Mob, the Bridgeport Pageant Choir, and Bands of every size, shape and description:

Faith Auvil, Hailey Barbour, Mikaila Bowling, Jarrett Brown, Dakota Carter, Lilly Corder, Mallory Getz, Kate Gilman, Linzie Glaize, Conner Hamrick, Zach Hisle, Dylan Hoskins, Layla Miller, Daniel Nordheim, Ireland Robertson, Dylan Roll, Aleigha Saldana, Brooke Solomito, Kaitlyn Thompson, Alexis Wilson, Syrena Wilson


Thank you to everyone who auditioned. This was a very difficult to show to cast, because we have so many talented performers! That means we are well on our way to meeting our goal for this show: that it will be spectacular!

Please remember that even if you didn’t get a “named” role in the script, we will be adding a huge amount of material, going beyond the script to turn this into a real circus! In fact, there will be information about professional circus training at the all-company meeting on Jan. 7.

That meeting will be for everyone involved in the show, including anyone in grades 7-12 who wants to be on any of the crews. Expect the “business” portion of the meeting to run until 3:30, with a showing of the video of the 1986 London production of Barnum to follow for anyone who wants to stay to watch it and discuss ideas for our show.

Things to do over break:

  • Check the links on the Barnum Resource Page to download the complete script, watch the video of the show, or learn about some circus skills. (These links will be updated as we work on the show.)
  • If you have a specific circus skill you want to learn, start practicing now – especially juggling! If you can do the basic 3-ball juggle before we get our circus training, they will be able to show you some more advanced tricks!
  • Keep checking MadisonArts.org for updates over the break.