Be a part of the MP3 Experience at the White Christmas Program

Mp3-ExperimentBe part of the massive MP3 Experience at the school-wide White Christmas program on Friday! What is it? Click here to see some samples from Improv Anywhere in New York City, the originators of MP3 Experiments. (#8 is a good example, but no, we won’t be using water guns!)

To participate:

  1.  Download the audio file here and get it onto your phone or MP3 player
  2. Bring your player and headphones to the White Christmas assembly on Friday.
  3. Also bring a white plastic grocery bag.
  4. Wear a solid white, green or red shirt (talk to your friends and wear different colors)
  5. Optional: Elf hat, Santa hat, and/or jingle bells
  6. Pay attention and be ready for your cue to start the recording during the program – everyone has to start at the same time to be in sync! Then we’ll see what kind of holiday pandemonium ensues.

If you have any questions, see Ms. Fultz in the Media Center.

Barnum Cast List

Barnum Cast List
First all-company meeting: Wednesday Jan. 7, 2:35 – 3:30 (movie to follow)
Show dates: March 20 – 22, 2015

P. T. Barnum: Ben Morgan
Chairy Barnum: Hannah Van Winkle
Joice Heth: Linzie Glaize
Jenny Lind: Grace Morgan
General Tom Thumb: Dylan Hoskins
James Bailey: Dylan Roll
Blues Singer: still to be cast
Mrs. Scudder: Kaitlyn Thompson
Chester Lyman: Jarrett Brown
Julius Goldschmidt: Daniel Nordheim
Edgar Templeton: Conner Hamrick
Humbart Morrisey: Zach Hisle
Mr. Stratton: Jarrett Brown
Mrs. Stratton: Layla Miller
Wilton: Dakota Carter
Ringmasters: Morgan Cornett, Wally Stogner

Tumblers, Jugglers, Clowns, Aerialists, Acrobats, Gymnasts, Bricklayers, Passersby, Museum Patrons, Strongmen, Stiltwalkers, a Mob, the Bridgeport Pageant Choir, and Bands of every size, shape and description:

Faith Auvil, Hailey Barbour, Mikaila Bowling, Jarrett Brown, Dakota Carter, Lilly Corder, Mallory Getz, Kate Gilman, Linzie Glaize, Conner Hamrick, Zach Hisle, Dylan Hoskins, Layla Miller, Daniel Nordheim, Ireland Robertson, Dylan Roll, Aleigha Saldana, Brooke Solomito, Kaitlyn Thompson, Alexis Wilson, Syrena Wilson


Thank you to everyone who auditioned. This was a very difficult to show to cast, because we have so many talented performers! That means we are well on our way to meeting our goal for this show: that it will be spectacular!

Please remember that even if you didn’t get a “named” role in the script, we will be adding a huge amount of material, going beyond the script to turn this into a real circus! In fact, there will be information about professional circus training at the all-company meeting on Jan. 7.

That meeting will be for everyone involved in the show, including anyone in grades 7-12 who wants to be on any of the crews. Expect the “business” portion of the meeting to run until 3:30, with a showing of the video of the 1986 London production of Barnum to follow for anyone who wants to stay to watch it and discuss ideas for our show.

Things to do over break:

  • Check the links on the Barnum Resource Page to download the complete script, watch the video of the show, or learn about some circus skills. (These links will be updated as we work on the show.)
  • If you have a specific circus skill you want to learn, start practicing now – especially juggling! If you can do the basic 3-ball juggle before we get our circus training, they will be able to show you some more advanced tricks!
  • Keep checking for updates over the break.

Thespian Troupe Officers

Congratulations to the Officers for Thespian Troupe #4592:

President: Alec Jerger

Vice-President: Charley Reed

Secretary: Maddy Jeffries

Historian: Kaitlin Thompson

Clerk: Hannah Van Winkle

Publicity Chair: Hannah Helton

Webmaster: Bryce Thomas

Community Service Leader: Brooke Solomito

Madison Choir Performance dates, 2014-15

National Anthem at Football Game
Friday, September 26th – 7:00pm

Fall Choir Concert
Tuesday, October 14th – 7:00pm

Winter Choir Concert
Tuesday, December 9th – 7:00pm

Band and Choir Lock-in
Late February, Date TBA

Pre-Contest Concert
Tuesday, March 3rd – 7:00pm

OMEA Contest
TBA: March 6th or 7th

Spring Choir Concert
Thursday, May 7th – 7:00pm

Friday, May 22nd

Getting Band texts – updated instructions

If you’re already signed up for texts from the Mohawk Band via the Remind service (formerly called Remind 101), you’re all set for the coming fall marching season. But if you’re getting these messages from the Madison website, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or emails, here are two good reasons to also sign up for the Remind texts:

  • day-before reminds of rehearsals and performances, and
  • ETA texts when the band is returning from away games and performances

Also this year, we’re going to experiment with an extra feature: when the band departs from an away game or performance, you’ll get a text telling our estimated time of arrival at school, along with a link to an online map the will let you follow the progress of the band bus all the way back to Madison. We’ll try it out this Friday on the way back from the Talawanda game; let Mr. Brown know how it works for you!

To sign up for the Band’s Remind texts (also available via email):

  • click here to fill out the sign-up form; or
  • send a text to (408) 458-8033 with the message @mohawkband

Guard members & parents should also sign up for extra Reminders:

  • click here to fill out the sign-up form; or
  • send a text to (408) 458-8033 with the message @mohawkflag

If you have any problems signing up, please email Mr. Brown.

Watch for the new band trailer around Madison and beyond!

Thanks to everyone who made the newly decorated Mohawk Band trailer a reality, including superintendent Curtis Philpot, Madison Locals Schools, Bobby Reed, the Madison Music Boosters, Digital Visuals, and the businesses and organizations who helped the makeover become a reality:

Be sure to thank these community businesses for supporting the Mohawk Band!

Marching Band Tour Shirts


This year, Band and Guard members can choose between the four designs shown for their 2014 Tour Shirt. The background color of each design will be the color of the shirt, and performance dates will be printed on the back of the shirt. Cost of each shirt is $12; order forms will be available at Friday’s rehearsal.

Les Misérables Photos available online


[mp_span col=”6″]


Performance photos from Les Misérables are now available for purchase online. Taken by our technical director, Kevin Ferguson, there are over 500 photos to choose from. (The samples you see are just a very small selection, and have been reduced in size; when you order prints, they will be full quality and have no watermarks.)

To access the galleries, you will need the password printed on the back of the Les Mis tickets. The password is also posted backstage in the theater, or you can email Kevin to request it. Click here to view the galleries.



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Les Mis Rehearsal Photos

Here are just a few shots of recent rehearsals for Les Misérables, being performed this Friday & Saturday at 7:30 and Sunday at 2:30.