Band Post-Camp Schedule

Here are the Band events for the rest of summer break:

Mon. July 14, 6 – 8 pm: Rehearsal
Mon. July 21, 6 – 8 pm: Rehearsal
Sat. July 26, 11 am – 3 pm: Car Wash
Mon. July 28, 6 – 8 pm: Rehearsal
Mon. August 4, 6 – 8 pm: Rehearsal
Sat. Aug. 16, 11 am – 3 pm: Car Wash

Marching Band 2014 Percussion Music!

Hey Drumline and Pit!  The Music is in!!!  Click on your part below to download and start practicing!  You should have the following songs to download in this order:

1.  Superman

2.  Batman Theme

3.  Batman Series

4. Spiderman

5.  Iron Man


Superman P1 – 001 Bells Superman P1 – 002 Xylophone Superman P1 – 003 Vibraphone Superman P1 – 004 Marimba Superman P1 – 005 Percussion 1 Superman P1 – 006 Percussion 2 Superman P1 – 007 Snareline Superman P1 – 008 Quad Toms Superman P1 – 009 Bass Drums Batman Theme P2 – 001 Bells Batman Theme P2 – 002 Xylophone Batman Theme P2 – 003 Vibes Batman Theme P2 – 004 Marimba Batman Theme P2 – 005 Percussion 1 Batman Theme P2 – 006 Percussion 2 Batman Theme P2 – 007 Snareline Batman Theme P2 – 008 Quad Toms Batman Theme P2 – 009 Bass Drums Batman Series P3 – 001 Bells Batman Series P3 – 002 Xylophone Batman Series P3 – 003 Vibes Batman Series P3 – 004 Marimba Batman Series P3 – 005 Percussion 1 Batman Series P3 – 006 Percussion 2 Batman Series P3 – 007 Snareline Batman Series P3 – 008 Quad Toms Batman Series P3 – 009 Bass Drums Spiderman – 001 Bells Spiderman – 002 Xylophone Spiderman – 003 Vibes Spiderman – 004 Marimba Spiderman – 005 Percussion 1 Spiderman – 006 Percussion 2 Spiderman – 007 Snareline Spiderman – 008 Quad Toms Spiderman – 009 Bass Drums Iron Man P5 – 001 Bells Iron Man P5 – 002 Xylophone Iron Man P5 – 003 Vibes Iron Man P5 – 004 Marimba Iron Man P5 – 005 Percussion 1 Iron Man P5 – 006 Percussion 2 Iron Man P5 – 007 Snareline Iron Man P5 – 008 Quad Toms Iron Man P5 – 009 Bass Drums

Marching Band Tour Shirts


This year, Band and Guard members can choose between the four designs shown for their 2014 Tour Shirt. The background color of each design will be the color of the shirt, and performance dates will be printed on the back of the shirt. Cost of each shirt is $12; order forms will be available at Friday’s rehearsal.

We’re looking for your Disney trip photos!

1236780_613623275385201_868499272_nNow’s the perfect time to share the photos you took on the Disney trip with others, while you’re still recovering from the fun – or still stuck inside waiting for warmer weather! But Facebook has a bad habit of compressing photos uploaded there, so we’ve set up a group on Flickr where everyone can upload their photos and share them with others in their full glory. Here’s the link:

You can sign in with a Yahoo, Facebook or Google ID. Then upload your best photos from the trip. All photos will be approved before they are made public, so they won’t be visible right away. We’ve already got a few people planning to make videos of the trip, so your photos could end up in those masterpieces as long as you don’t wait – send in those photos now!

MadisonArts Tumblr + easier signup for texts

In our gradual but inevitable move towards pushing info directly into your brain (don’t laugh – one of these days you’ll be wearing Google Glass), MadisonArts now has a Tumblr blog. Just as with Facebook and Twitter, everything posted on the web site will automatically repost on Tumblr, but there will also be some occasional fun items for band and drama fans.

And now it’s easier to sign up for text updates via the Remind101 service. Students and parents can get texts for Band, Color Guard and/or Drama activities. We use Remind101 because of its safety features: we never see your phone number; it sends texts to the entire group, not individuals; and it’s one-way (we text you, but you can’t text back). And now, instead of having to send texts to get signed up, each of our three accounts has its own dedicated sign-up page:

So for those keeping score at home, here are all the ways you can get band and drama updates from MadisonArts:

  • Check the website
  • Sign up for email updates (fill out the form in the right hand column of the website)
  • Follow MadisonArts on Facebook, Twitter (@MadisonArts1) or Tumblr (also MadisonArts1)
  • Sign up for text updates via Remind1o1, using the links above.
  • And there are still Band newsletters distributed regularly with calendars and other information.


The Music Man Cast List

(Read the entire list – Many will have more than one part!)
Character Name: Student Actor:
Harold Hill Alex Thobe
Marian Paroo Caden Miller
Marcellus Washburn Jordan Hawthorn
Mrs. Paroo (Marian’s mother) Hannah Vanwinkle
Charlie Cowell Dylan Hoskins
Mayor Shinn Ben Lewis
Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn Morgan Cornett
Zaneeta Shinn Delaney Flack
Tommy Djilas Tristan Moberly Continue reading

Les Misérables Photos available online

Performance photos from Les Misérables are now available for purchase online. Taken by our technical director, Kevin Ferguson, there are over 500 photos to choose from. (The samples you see are just a very small selection, and have been reduced in size; when you order prints, they will be full quality and have no watermarks.)

To access the galleries, you will need the password printed on the back of the Les Mis tickets. The password is also posted backstage in the theater, or you can email Kevin to request it. Click here to view the galleries.

  • les misérables  0393 dsc_2541  2013 a1
  • les misérables  0457 dsc_2762  2013 a1
  • les misérables  0487 dsc_2835  2013 a2
  • les misérables  0550 dsc_3000  2013 a2
  • les misérables  0683 dsc_3403  2013 a2
  • les misérables  0693 dsc_3454  2013 a2
  • les misérables  0710 dsc_3503  2013 a2
  • les misérables  0717 dsc_3552  2013 a2
  • les misérables  0763 dsc_3675  2013 a1
  • les misérables  0842 dsc_3929  2013 a2

BOA Indianapolis Performance DVD Ordering Information

You can still order DVDs of the band’s performance at Lucas Oil Field in the Bands of America Super-Regional in November. This is the same professional multi-camera video that we watched at the band banquet, as well as a high field-wide view. Each DVD costs $39; be sure to scroll down the page and look for “Madison H.S., OH Prelim performance (both Views)”. Click here to go to the order page.