Band Mattress Sale this Saturday – $50 coupon!


The Mohawk Marching Band’s fifth annual Mattress Sale fundraiser will be this Saturday Sept. 6 from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. The Commons will be converted into a bedding showroom where you can try out the various models of mattresses before you buy. These are brand new, factory sealed sets with factory warranties at 30% – 50% off of retail. Profits will support the Madison band and our students.

There will be 22 different models to choose from, in all sizes from Twin to California Kings, and custom sizes as well. Twin sets start at $199, Fulls at $279, Queens at $299, and Kings at $499. Cash, credit cards and checks will be accepted. If you have questions, email Debbie at

$50 savings: Download this flier and bring it with you to the sale, and save $50 off a purchase of $500 or more. If you heard about the sale from a Madison Band student or family, include the student’s name and they will get part of the profits from your purchase!

Getting Band texts – updated instructions

If you’re already signed up for texts from the Mohawk Band via the Remind service (formerly called Remind 101), you’re all set for the coming fall marching season. But if you’re getting these messages from the Madison website, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or emails, here are two good reasons to also sign up for the Remind texts:

  • day-before reminds of rehearsals and performances, and
  • ETA texts when the band is returning from away games and performances

Also this year, we’re going to experiment with an extra feature: when the band departs from an away game or performance, you’ll get a text telling our estimated time of arrival at school, along with a link to an online map the will let you follow the progress of the band bus all the way back to Madison. We’ll try it out this Friday on the way back from the Talawanda game; let Mr. Brown know how it works for you!

To sign up for the Band’s Remind texts (also available via email):

  • click here to fill out the sign-up form; or
  • send a text to (408) 458-8033 with the message @mohawkband

Guard members & parents should also sign up for extra Reminders:

  • click here to fill out the sign-up form; or
  • send a text to (408) 458-8033 with the message @mohawkflag

If you have any problems signing up, please email Mr. Brown.

Watch for the new band trailer around Madison and beyond!

Thanks to everyone who made the newly decorated Mohawk Band trailer a reality, including superintendent Curtis Philpot, Madison Locals Schools, Bobby Reed, the Madison Music Boosters, Digital Visuals, and the businesses and organizations who helped the makeover become a reality:

Be sure to thank these community businesses for supporting the Mohawk Band!

Inherit The Wind Audition Information

Click the link below to download the audition packet for Inherit the Wind directed by Mrs. Crim with assistant director Mrs. Martin! Auditions will be held on Monday, September 1st from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the Senior Exit Room. There will also be audition times Tuesday through Thursday (Sept. 2-4) after school. Audition packets will also be available on the Thespian bulletin board, next to room 114. See Mrs. Crim with any questions.

Click Here For Audition Packet

Madison High School Marching Band 5th Annual Mattress Sale Fundraiser!!

Support the Madison High School Marching Band Saturday, September 6. We will be sponsoring our fifth annual mattress sale. Profits go directly to our marching band and student band accounts. Brand new, name brand mattress sets 30% – 50% off retail. Top quality mattress sets with full manufacturer warranties. Much higher quality for price than a retail store!! All sizes, price ranges, delivery and free layaway will be available. Floor models will be on display in the high school cafeteria from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, September 6.If you’ve been thinking about a new mattress… come check out this event!! For more information, or if you need a new mattress before our sale, feel free to contact Ultimate Fundraising Solutions:

Every Sale directly benefits our Marching Band!!

Marching Band 2014 Percussion Music!

Hey Drumline and Pit!  The Music is in!!!  Click on your part below to download and start practicing!  You should have the following songs to download in this order:

1.  Superman

2.  Batman Theme

3.  Batman Series

4. Spiderman

5.  Iron Man


Superman P1 – 001 Bells Superman P1 – 002 Xylophone Superman P1 – 003 Vibraphone Superman P1 – 004 Marimba Superman P1 – 005 Percussion 1 Superman P1 – 006 Percussion 2 Superman P1 – 007 Snareline Superman P1 – 008 Quad Toms Superman P1 – 009 Bass Drums Batman Theme P2 – 001 Bells Batman Theme P2 – 002 Xylophone Batman Theme P2 – 003 Vibes Batman Theme P2 – 004 Marimba Batman Theme P2 – 005 Percussion 1 Batman Theme P2 – 006 Percussion 2 Batman Theme P2 – 007 Snareline Batman Theme P2 – 008 Quad Toms Batman Theme P2 – 009 Bass Drums Batman Series P3 – 001 Bells Batman Series P3 – 002 Xylophone Batman Series P3 – 003 Vibes Batman Series P3 – 004 Marimba Batman Series P3 – 005 Percussion 1 Batman Series P3 – 006 Percussion 2 Batman Series P3 – 007 Snareline Batman Series P3 – 008 Quad Toms Batman Series P3 – 009 Bass Drums Spiderman – 001 Bells Spiderman – 002 Xylophone Spiderman – 003 Vibes Spiderman – 004 Marimba Spiderman – 005 Percussion 1 Spiderman – 006 Percussion 2 Spiderman – 007 Snareline Spiderman – 008 Quad Toms Spiderman – 009 Bass Drums Iron Man P5 – 001 Bells Iron Man P5 – 002 Xylophone Iron Man P5 – 003 Vibes Iron Man P5 – 004 Marimba Iron Man P5 – 005 Percussion 1 Iron Man P5 – 006 Percussion 2 Iron Man P5 – 007 Snareline Iron Man P5 – 008 Quad Toms Iron Man P5 – 009 Bass Drums

Marching Band Tour Shirts


This year, Band and Guard members can choose between the four designs shown for their 2014 Tour Shirt. The background color of each design will be the color of the shirt, and performance dates will be printed on the back of the shirt. Cost of each shirt is $12; order forms will be available at Friday’s rehearsal.

MadisonArts Tumblr + easier signup for texts

In our gradual but inevitable move towards pushing info directly into your brain (don’t laugh – one of these days you’ll be wearing Google Glass), MadisonArts now has a Tumblr blog. Just as with Facebook and Twitter, everything posted on the web site will automatically repost on Tumblr, but there will also be some occasional fun items for band and drama fans.

And now it’s easier to sign up for text updates via the Remind101 service. Students and parents can get texts for Band, Color Guard and/or Drama activities. We use Remind101 because of its safety features: we never see your phone number; it sends texts to the entire group, not individuals; and it’s one-way (we text you, but you can’t text back). And now, instead of having to send texts to get signed up, each of our three accounts has its own dedicated sign-up page:

So for those keeping score at home, here are all the ways you can get band and drama updates from MadisonArts:

  • Check the website
  • Sign up for email updates (fill out the form in the right hand column of the website)
  • Follow MadisonArts on Facebook, Twitter (@MadisonArts1) or Tumblr (also MadisonArts1)
  • Sign up for text updates via Remind1o1, using the links above.
  • And there are still Band newsletters distributed regularly with calendars and other information.


Les Misérables Photos available online

Performance photos from Les Misérables are now available for purchase online. Taken by our technical director, Kevin Ferguson, there are over 500 photos to choose from. (The samples you see are just a very small selection, and have been reduced in size; when you order prints, they will be full quality and have no watermarks.)

To access the galleries, you will need the password printed on the back of the Les Mis tickets. The password is also posted backstage in the theater, or you can email Kevin to request it. Click here to view the galleries.

  • les misérables  0393 dsc_2541  2013 a1
  • les misérables  0457 dsc_2762  2013 a1
  • les misérables  0487 dsc_2835  2013 a2
  • les misérables  0550 dsc_3000  2013 a2
  • les misérables  0683 dsc_3403  2013 a2
  • les misérables  0693 dsc_3454  2013 a2
  • les misérables  0710 dsc_3503  2013 a2
  • les misérables  0717 dsc_3552  2013 a2
  • les misérables  0763 dsc_3675  2013 a1
  • les misérables  0842 dsc_3929  2013 a2