Thespian T-Shirt Money Due!

If you ordered a Thespian T-shirt (Either the Breaking Legs or the Tech Crew) you need to turn in $12 to Miss Brannon or Mrs. Robertson by February 16th. If you have questions or forgot to order a shirt, see Miss Brannon or Mrs. Robertson ASAP!


Fade to Black

Breakin Legs

Sightsinging Fun

Some amazing choir students have been asking how to practice sightsinging outside of class.  There are lots of resources available online, but here are some books I have that you can look at.  These books are organized from easiest to hardest.  They also include various other choir activities, but if you search through you can find lots of sightsinging activities.

More info below:

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New York Trip Deadline Approaching!

This is just a friendly reminder that the final date to withdraw from the New York Trip is THIS Friday, February 5th.  Any withdrawal after this deadline is subject to forfeiture of any and all payment made to the trip account.  Please refer to the message attached (Source: Music Travel Consultants)

Other dates to keep in mind:

February 12th: Penultimate payment due ($150)
March 11th:  Final payment due (remaining balance) – Once the current candy bar fundraiser is complete, we will move forward with processing students’ fundraiser accounts so that your MTC traveler’s account reflects the credit of your Madison Music Boosters fundraising account.  This process will be completed AFTER the February 12th payment but BEFORE the final payment due date of March 11th.
March 23rd:  Meeting for ALL TRAVELERS on the trip – We will discuss in detail the itinerary and all that you need to know before our departure.  Join us AND the trip escorts who will be joining us throughout our trip to learn everything you will need to know and have any questions you might have answered
April 6-10:  Madison Band takes on NYC!

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Mr. West!

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Legally Blonde Cast List!



Congratulations to all of the cast members! Thank you so much for auditioning!

The first practice/script read will be Monday, January 11th at 4 p.m. in the auditorium. See you then!

Bruiser Woods Bear Brannon
Elle Woods Grace Morgan
Emmett Forrest Jordan Hawthorn
Paulette Buonofuonte Linzie Glaize
Professor Callahan Matt Hawkins
Warner Huntington III Jarrett Brown
Vivienne Kensington Sarah Wolf
Brooke Wyndham Delaney Flack
Kyle B. O’Boyle (UPS Guy) Sam Schenck
Enid Hoops Hannah Helton
Elle’s Mom Bekah Lenos
Elle’s Dad Robbie Tuttle
Kate Mo Cornett
“Hair Affair” Cashier Jessalyn Robinson
“Hair Affair” Colorist (Kiki) Chelsea Payne
Sundeep Padamadan Ethan Wilson
Erin Schultz Anna Fink
Dewey Sam Schenck
Nikos Argitakos Bryce Thomas
Grand Master Chad Lucas Fligor
Winthrop Hannah Snelling
Pforzheimer Bryce Thomas
Lowell Tucker Wood
Whitney Katie McDaniel
Chutney Wyndham Maddie Jeffries
Judge Savannah Gay
Court Stenographer Maggie Napier
D.A. Joyce Riley Katie McDaniel
Greek Chorus:
Pilar Dakota Carter
Margot Regan Hounshell
Serena Syrena Wilson
Tori Mallory Getz
Brittani Layla Miller
Carli Faith Auvil
General Chorus:
Conner Hamrick Bethanie Johnson
Aleigha Saldana Lucas Fligor
Chelsea Payne Savannah Gay
Anna Fink Hannah Snelling
Bekah Lenos Tucker Wood
Robbie Tuttle Bryce Thomas
Sam Schenck
Soroity Girls:
Maddy Jeffries Dakota Carter
Katie McDaniel Regan Hounshell
Maggie Napier Syrena Wilson
Jessalyn Robinson Mallory Getz
Layla Miller Faith Auvil

Remaining Basketball Band Schedule

Happy New Year!

Just wanted to take a quick moment to outline the rest of the Basketball Band’s schedule for the 2015-2016 season.  Please make note of the following events:

Thursday, January 7th 6:00 – Girls Game
Friday, January 8th 6:15 – Boys Game
Friday, January 15th 6:15 – Boys Game
Tuesday, January 26th 6:15 – Boys Game
Friday, February 5th 6:15 – Boys Game
Saturday, February 6th 12:15 – Girls Game
Tuesday, February 16th 6:15 – Boys Game

Just a reminder, anyone registered in the Concert Band for the Spring Semester is a member of basketball band and required by grade to attend these events.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. West!